An Added Layer of Security

When my parents sold their large home to move into a smaller house close to where I live, I was really happy. They did need a big house when we were all growing up, but it has just been the two of them for the last 20 years. When I found a smaller house a few blocks away, they really liked it too. As a housewarming gift, I decided to get them a security system for the house. I went to since they are the same company that provides my own monitoring services.

Crime in our area is not bad at all, but we also live in a community that is known for being proactive about security. Most people in our area have home security systems, and we also have a neighborhood watch that has a lot of participation from local residents. I wanted my parents to feel safe here too, and I knew that I would be able to swing the monthly payment for the monitoring services because it is already at a low price. The system is free and the installation is free too, plus they get some nice perks such as a free gift card just for singing up with the monitoring services.

What I like about the monitoring service is the wide range of plans that is offered. There are five different plans, ranging from Essentials to Premium. Even the most basic plan has excellent coverage, but I wanted the best for my folks. That is why I went with the Premium Protection package. My folks were happy to have this added layer of security at their new home, and it just means that they get to enjoy living here in the city that much more now. They have not had any problems since moving here, nor do I expect them to!

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