We Are Nearly Done with the Renovation

The house renovation is almost done, but there are a couple of things left that need to be done. Most of them are outside of the house. My first priority was to take this little house and fix it up enough so that we could live in it. I had to do some work on the air conditioning system because it did not work well and we were targeting the hottest months of the year to move in to place. I still need to find some good and reliable sidewalk contractors in Bronx NY to fix the walk ways out in front and behind of the house. The ones on the street are not a problem and I would be quite reluctant to do them if I had a choice in the matter. However the walk ways that go around the house seem to have been rather haphazardly done by some person who really lacked the skill to do the job. They have not stood up to the conditions well at all. I am sort of wondering if I would be better off renting a jack hammer and demolishing them by myself, rather than paying some other guy to do the same thing. I am sure my neighbors are going to hate me either way, because it is obvious that this is going to take a good bit of time and I do not see any way you can do the job without going back to zero. You obviously are not going to be able to build atop the broken down walk way and end up with a walk way that is going to last any length of time. I figure that I can manage to demolish the sidewalks in a weekend by myself, but I am not sure if that would save me much money.

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