Working on My Home Office Now

I have to figure out a couple of things. The boss is going to give me some money to spend on this, but it is not going to be enoguh for the whole thing to be done well. I have the money to get a good laptop computer and I have found this one which come bundled with a cheap scanner and a suite of photo scanning software. I am pretty sure that the scanner is not much good, but it is not a big deal if it is not. I have something of a need for a scanner, but it is not like it is vital that I get something awesome. If I need to do something like that I can send it up to the office and they can run it off for me down there. Of course I am going to be in the office a lot less than I used to be.

In fact I am mostly going to be on the go. This guy I was talking to was talking about getting a mobile printer. He has one of those that sits in the back seat of his company car. I can not really see how that is going to be much use that would be. It would obviously be nice for some things, but no one is going to want to drag something like that around with them 365 days a year. I am going to be living in my car for around 8 to 10 hours per day, so it is going to be a big deal what is in it. You can not have the car loaded down with any extra stuff because you are going to need to use it to drive customers around for instance. At least that is one reason I’d not want one.

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